People Empowering People is a non-profit organisation that works primarily with local residents and community organisations from Southwark's grassroots community. It forms a bridge with the council, institutions and charities; enabling local residents the opportunity to showcase the wealth of talent that exists within the community, and creating opportunities for local people to initiate and develop solutions to local issues.

With the increasing and fast regeneration in the borough its important that Pempeople ensures that local residents benefit from the rapid changes within the area.


Livesey Exchange is a local grassroots project initiated by PemPeople with the aim of transforming the garages of the Ledbury Estate on Old Kent Road into workshops, studios, multidisciplinary spaces, training and multifunctional programmes. Following structural issues of the tower blocks on the Ledbury Estate, an alternative location was found in close proximity.

Building for the new Livesey Exchange will take place in 2021on the Old Kent Road. It will be an important new piece of social infrastructure. Through its mix of accessible social, cultural and community space, it will serve to support the local community.


We are pleased to announce that the Livesey Exchange Garages are now open, from 9 AM to 9 PM, from May 24, 2021. Visit us at 135 Bird in Bush Rd, London SE15 1QP.


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